Packaging and containers

Security Materials

The use of professional packaging and security is a basic condition that must be met by a moving company. Below we present the materials we use in our everyday work.

All presented security materials can also be purchased in our company in retail quantities.



Five-layer cartons:

small - 44 x 28 x 34 cm
large - 55 x 55 x 50 cm

  • the first of our cartons is ideal for packing documents, books, binders, as well as everyday items
  • the second type is suitable for packing bedding, folded clothes and other light items.

Cartons for a wardrobe

Large cartons, suitable for the transport of hanging clothes (jackets, coats, jackets, dresses and other clothing)


bezpieczne pojemniki

Safe plastic containers

Safe plastic containers with the possibility of sealing for the transport of confidential and secret documents. Environment-friendly, resistant to various weather conditions.

Security seals

Seals that secure the contents of the containers, ensuring that the contents are not disturbed during transport. Secured with a unique number and company logo.

plomby zabezpieczające

taśma plombująca

Sealing tape

Sealing tape securing the contents of cartons, parcels and other equipment such as a computer, drawers or refrigerator against unauthorized opening.

Protective strips

Polyurethane moldings that protect the edges and corners of tables, desks and cabinets against any mechanical damage.

listwy ochronne

taśma klejąca

Adhesive tapes

Colored and transparent tapes used to secure furniture and cardboard boxes

Bubble wrap

It serves to protect objects particularly susceptible to mechanical damage (eg, antiques, paintings, mirrors, glass, porcelain, etc.)

folia bąbelkowa

folia stretch



Stretch foil

Its use finds its place during the transport and storage of furniture

Filling materials

These materials are used for securing items packed in cardboard boxes. The lining of the carton with such materials provides 100% safety and protects especially sensitive objects from mechanical damage.

materiały wypełniające



Used by us as a cladding that protects large surfaces from mechanical damage (eg scratches on a table top, etc.)


Protective corners made of cardboard

In this way, we protect furniture corners exposed to bruises and protect their edges

narożniki ochronne

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