Transport of Production Lines

Package of our services includes moving machines and entire production lines. The company's development often involves the need to amend the location of the production plant, to one that meets the company's needs. In response to the needs of a growing group of our Clients ,for years we are offering relocation services for entire production facilities. We provide extensive technical support and having specialists in the field of automation and maintenance, we operate in such a way not to interfere or interrupt the production process if it is not necessary.

We offer services such as:

  • disconnecting machines and dismantling electrical and mechanical connections,
  • disassembly of service platforms, landings and other infrastructure,
  • disassembly of machines with documentation of the process and marking of elements necessary to assemble the machine in a new place,
  • packaging of machines depending on transport requirements - also anti-corrosion and vacuum for sea transport
    moving machines around the production halls,
  • transport with specialist equipment in a vertical position, whenever possible,


linie produktcyjne


linie produktcyjne

  • transport using hydraulic cranes up to 100 tons, specialist forklifts up to 16 tons
  • use of a mobile platform for transport through window openings from a great height
  • execution of masonry work, removal of windows, widening of exit openings, making a hole in the roof of the building, if necessary
  • unloading at the final destination and assembly of machines along with commissioning.

We undertake the implementation of any non-standard move. The qualified staff of our company is not afraid of challenges and is happy to face new tasks. Before the valuation, a professional local vision is carried out, which aims to estimate the cost of the service, and above all, a precise selection of the removal technique to the client's expectations.      The customer receives relevant information so that he or she can prepare for the removal process in the best possible way and make it as insignificant as possible for him / her.

In case of particularly valuable property, we offer an additional insurance and company of armed, licensed security service. 

Each removal is preceded by a visit of our representative in your company, in order to agree the scope of the service, estimate costs related to the removal and proper preparation for providing the service. .

For the most demanding customers we offer a possibility to remove the company during weekend, without limiting current activity of our customer. The removal will be organised in the way enabling you to work until the end of business day in Friday, and to begin it on Monday morning. We are the member of the Business Recommendations Forum at the Łódź Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the partner of the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

In addition to moving production lines, the Author Removals company is also dealing with the storage of property and the professional destruction of company documents. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the comprehensive offer of our company.

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