External elevator

The professional external furniture lift allows you to become independent of staircases, elevators in the building and the movement of people in the corridors. It shortens the service time and reduces the risk of damaging the wall coating of narrow staircases and corridors. In some buildings it is indispensable for inserting unusual items. In many countries of Western Europe it is required when moving in narrow houses.

We have an external furniture lift that allows to make removals in unusual conditions, often undersized elevators, narrow staircases, especially vulnerable to damage during removal work, allows to autonomously run the service, even when the building is normally in operation. It is irreplaceable when you enter or leave equipment items with unusual dimensions. It often substitutes the work of many people and significantly improves the move. Thanks to external elevator, we can provide services in hard-to-reach places, for example between narrow spaces of buildings. We can also undertake removals with with an increased level of difficulty.

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