Our assets:


As a professional company in the industry you have certainly convinced yourself that it's worth working only with specialists. Our company specializes in this type of services, has appropriate experience, transport facilities as well as cultural and proven staff.

flota samochodowa

We have an extensive fleet of specialized trucks as well as furniture vehicles. Thanks to this, you will be sure that we will transport your furniture in the right way.

opakowania - kartony

During the removal we provide professional packaging, thanks to which the packed products are properly secured. Not every customer knows that the use of professional packaging and security is the basic condition that a moving company must fulfill.

Profesjonalna winda zewnętrzna

On equipping our employees, if there is such a need, an external elevator may appear, thanks to which it is easy to perform the move in unusual conditions.


Thanks to the wide range of companies with whom we cooperate, we are able to comprehensively service every client in the category of expectations that go beyond the profile of our activity.

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